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    My 700wx has just died on me Was running some tests with Sprite backup and I'd just worked out that when I install the Mars Weather Panel is when Sprite will screw up on the restore

    Anyway, now the phone is off and it will not turn on. I've tried a soft and hard reset, nothing happens at all, the screen is black. If I put the charger into the phone, nothing, it stays black and the led doesn't even light up. If I take the battery out nothing.

    My 700wx has just turned into a paper weight Guess I'll be going down to the Sprint store tomorrow to try and get this replaced.

    Man, this sucks. I've never had a Treo do this on me.
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    I have had a 700 brick on me for no apparent reason also. I was pretty bitter even though it was under warranty.
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    Only had it 2 weeks. Very bizarre indeed. Like you said, no apparent reason, just in the process of resetting and bing....hasta la nunca baby.
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    Holy crap. I could totally see this happening to me after all the crap I've gone through with this phone recently, trying to fix all kinds of issues...

    Good luck, mate-
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    Cheers bud. Obviously not happy and I'm just hoping that the Sprint store has some in stock and that they'll replace it. It's not unusual that they won't give a replacement in store as they'd rather sell them.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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    Dumb question but have you tried doing the hard reset while removing the battery? I was told there are 2 types of hard resets. This type you hold down the red phone button for 5 seconds and then remove the battery. Reinstall the battery and then press up on the 5 way.

    Might work you never know.
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    Not dumb at all. I have no idea if it was purely co-incidental, but I figured what the hell. I took out the battery and then but it back in and pressed up on the 5 way nav and it came back to life

    I have a phone again...great
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    Same thing happened to me this weekend. Phone wouldn't do anything. Went to the sprint store to exchange and of course the sales rep took the battery out and reset the phone and bam, it worked. I do think that it is very sensitive to moisture. My happened after I went for ride (cycling) and I had it in my back shirt pocket. When I got back it had moisture on the screen. I think that it just took about an hour to totally dry out or maybe not.
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    Glad to hear everything worked out... I'm also glad to hear that there's a way out of that predicament, too!

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