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    I searched for a hack to increase the bluetooth volume output form my treo 700wx to my carkit, Chrysler U-connect, with no luck. I thought I saw a hack for this prior to getting my 700wx. Can anyone help me on this .
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    I would be interested in this too - anyone have any ideas?
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    A lot of people complained about not being able to hear me well. I installed the Jetware bluetooth add-on for windows mobile and it seems to help the audio quality in addition to other features. You might want to try this out. Google for jetware windows mobile.
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    My problem is with the audio coming through the bt headset, not with other people hearing me... did it boost the headset audio as well?

    I have a tcpmp & the pre-amp in the equalizer seems to boost audio to the bt heatset- just wondering if there's something that can do that on a regular basis - for the phone, bt audio, basically any audio going over bluetooth...
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    I definitely need more sound in my headset. It's supremely annoying.

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