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    I just noticed that anything I add into my phone or OWA shows up as 1 hour different on the PDA. To be specific, it shows as 1 hour later on my phone then it does OWA.

    I can't check actual Outlook 2003 right now since I'm at work but I figure it's the same as OWA.
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    Same thing happened to me. Go to Settings>System>Clock & Alarms>More and uncheck the "Use network time zone" box. You can still leave the "enable local network time" checked if you want. That way, the phone will sync the time with the network, but not the time zone. My phone was picking up a time zone for Arizona (no daylight savings) but I'm in Utah so it was an hour off.

    Then go back to Settings>System>Clock & Alarms>Time and chose a better time zone from the top pull-down menu. All your calendar times should automatically adjust to the proper time.
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    Aye, did that, fixed. It had Indiana which I believe is the same way, no DST, but I'm in Virginia. Why in the world would Sprint have their towers setup to do that? Weird. Anyway I did that and it seems to be fine now.

    Have you had any reoccurance of the problem since then? This made me a bit nervous because I was going to show up at the wrong time for a meeting tomorrow until I looked at it in OWA instead of just on my phone and realized their was a problem.
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    I've only had the problem reoccur once.

    If I remember right, once I had to take the battery out and after booting, I got that screen that asks if you want to set the phone to sync with network time. I checked yes and then went back into the settings and both the checkboxes where checked again to sync the time and the time zone. Maybe that's the default.

    I've done a lot of normal soft resets without problems, so maybe it's tied to the battery or something.
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    This should be added to the WM FAQ sticky.
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    My phone will also ocassionally switch from Eastern time to Indiana time - but I figured that's because i live in SW ohio, and it was close enough to Indiana for it to get confused? But if you're getting it in Virginia, then who knows. It's either bad software, or the cell towers are set incorrectly and the phone's picking those up.

    In the meantime, I told it not to sync time with the network, which seems to do the trick.
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    thanks Treonated!! same thing happened to me...switched me from Eastern US to Indiana also

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