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    Is there a way to delete pop3 e-mail from the server after downloading them to the Treo?
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    I would like to know the same thing! I doubt its possible though...
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    If you delete the email from your Treo, and make sure it has been emptied from the deleted items folder, the next time you send/receive it will remove it from the server.
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    Thanks! Worked as advertised.
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    I discovered this as well but wish it was an option.

    When I am traveling and follow my emails on my Treo, I get tons of junk email that I am happy to delete off the server. But I also get a lot of other mail that I would be happy to delete off the phone to clean up space, but dont want deleted from the server. Thats why I loved Snappermails delete from server option.

    Heres a question, one that I unfortunately cant test right now because I am having Vision connection issues. I have Outlook setup to retrieve my Yahoo Inbox. Lets say I retrieve an email to my phone. I then logon to my Yahoo account on my PC and file that email from the Inbox to another folder. If I delete that email off my phone will it also delete it from the server, or since its been removed from the Inbox it wont matter.

    Oh well, no solutions are perfect I know.

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