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    Are there any Solitaire games for WM that are as nice as RedMercury's AcidSolitaire (Klondike Solitaire) and AcidSpider (Spider Solitaire) for Palm? I see tons of those Solitaire games that come with a 100+ variations of Solitaire and I hate those.
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    Ok, it's been been 6+ months since I've switched to WM and I still can't find good replacements for AcidSolitaire and AcidSpider.
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    Not sure which device you are looking for but if it's for your samsung, PDAMill Gamebox Solitaire I and II is pretty nice. It has about 10 types of solitaire in each app so it's not like the others that have 100+ variations. I also heard that it is 240x240 compatible but haven't tried it myself as I'm happy with Can't Stop Solitaire, which have 100+ variations.
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    It's actually for my 700WX. I haven't found anything that's 240x240 and as nice as the AcidSolitaire games. PDAMill's Gamebox series don't work with 240x240.

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