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    What is the key to hold down while powering up the phone to bring me to the
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    I'm sorry if I may not be totally understanding you question.

    To reimage the internal memory you hold down the red phone button while poking the reset hole behind the battery cover then pressing up on the 5 way.

    As far as an updated rom, there hasent been a release for the wx. I have no clue about the w.

    If I'm in left field ask again and we'll get it figured out.
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    I hold the red power button and hit the reset button and yes, I get the option to clear all data..

    I have also seen "update rom image" come up, but I dont know what keys I hit to make that happen.. It was an accident, and now I really need to access that utility in the bios.
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    Is there a chance you might be referring to the PRL update?

    It is an over the air sync and presents its self as "Updating your vision profile". Is that the one?
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    I was inserting the battery, and it came up.
    I must have been hitting a combo of keys at the same time..
    I cant replicate this...
    Its no update..
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    That's pretty interesting. Did it look like a bootloader screen with the color bars?
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    It is identical to the other screen that says to delete all data..
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    I think you've stumbled on to something........
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    Heres the real deal..
    I have 2 700wx's.. 1 is mine, 1 is my wifes..
    Love these things..
    So, this morning hers was slow, so we gave it a reboot and bang, wont boot.
    Stuck at the Treo screen..
    But, I can do hard boot... Dosent help..
    So, on mine while I was ****ing around, I got the screen to come up at boot that said "update rom image"....
    So, I need to reload the rom on the bricked treo...
    This should do it for me.
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    I myself would take hers back and exchange it for a new one. Whatever you found it will be a year before Shadow or our buddies at xda will give us tools to tweak these versions.
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    Yea, sprint is sending me a box to send it back in..
    So, I have it for about 4 days.
    Anyone need to try anything??
    Its good for testing..
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    The combination of keys is VOLUME UP and button under VOLUME DOWN (some call it PTT "push to talk") while putting battery on or reseting phone after leaving these 2 keys pressed.

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