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    Well, I give up on Sprite Backup I've reinstalled on several occassions now and everytime I try and do a back up it get's about 10 seconds in and craps out, resetting my 700wx.

    The error message in the log file is as follows: -

    TopLevelDir.Backup() failed !

    Not very helpful at all.

    Anyone else had this problem ?
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    I use it everyday and it always works.

    Have you tried their support folks? They have a very good tech. support area including a forum on their web site.
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    I'd contact them, I backup every day, and have done quite a few full restores w.out any problems
    Jimmie Geddes
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    Me too. I've been using it regularly since it was released for the 700w with no problems at all. I've done several restores -- before the 700w update -- with no trouble.
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    I'll check out their web site. This is pretty strange to say the least.
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    I found something in their forum, which although not quite the same was interesting. Something to do with a certain directory causing the problem, which is the Mars weather thing that several people have installed on here.

    Anyway, mine seemed to be crapping out on the \windows\ringers directory, so I excluded that and so far it's running fine
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    That's odd I use it with no problems at all too. Just for reference I run both Marsware WeatherPanel and have ringer in the Windows\Ringers folder.

    Do you have anything in the Ringers folder? Corrupted file maybe?

    Are you backing up to the SD card or the desktop?

    Let us know if you find out anything else.
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    The backup finished without an error ! I'm backing up to SD card.

    I've no idea if any of the files in windows\ringers are corrupt. How would I go about finding that out ?
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    I think that folder es empty by default, have you put any ringers in there? Not sure if there may be any hidden files.
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    Mine has always worked. It's come in handy having it a few times.

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    There is definitely a problem with my \windows\rings directory. I've quite a few files in there and it appears that there is some sharing violations because there are quite a few that I just can't delete, and I think it was a sharing violation that was causing the other person to have the same problem.

    At least I have narrowed it down now and I can just exclude these files from the backup. It's a relatively unimportant directory and easily re-created.

    Perhaps I will do a hard reset and then a full restore from the back up I just took. That might clear out the problem.
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    Reet, it was a couple of corrupt files, that once I worked out how to remove fixed the problem and Sprite is working just fine now thanks
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    Glad it worked out!
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    I have had a LOT of trouble with Sprite.... I have large 23 MB PIM file and it had issues with it... It liked to leave duplicate files laying around when it would abort so I said good bye toi it.

    I have been using SPB backup without incident.... it is not as complex as sprinte and doesnt have a desktop client, but it works great and is simple to use
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    Well, just when I thought that I had Sprite fully working I decided to do a full backup and then a restore, just to ensure that it worked, rather than wait until I really need it.

    The backup was fine and the restore seems to be fine, but there is something very weird which basically renders my WM5 useless. The windows pull down has nothing in it !!! So, when I hit the windows key the only thing I have is today. So, I can't access any of my programs.

    I will open a support ticket but was curious if anyone had experienced this too AAaiiieeeee, if it's not one thing it's something else.
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    A little update on this and x-posted on the Weather Panel thread too.
    Ok, another spanner (wrench) that I'll throw in the works here. I've been playing around with WP and Sprite backup and it looks like if I try to restore a backup which includes WP it messes up the Treo to the point that I had to do a hard reset and re-install. I did some tests last night and successfully backed up and restored via Sprite up until the point that I installed WP. The backup was fine, no problem there, at least not that the app was showing, but when restoring the only thing that is available via the windows key is the "Today" page, and nothing else. All the other Apps, Messaging, IE, Contacts, Programs, Setting, etc all vanish.

    I need to run some more tests but this is a concern.

    So, anyone else that has WP installed and Sprite backup that can confirm that they have done a successful restore ? Be warned, if you do a restore be prepared to do a hard reset and the reinstall of each app. Right now I have a backup without WP installed and that restores just fine, so at least I have a point I can go back to.

    I'd really apprecaite any other input on this, especially those with WP & Sprite installed. I'm really glad that I tested the restore out now, rather than when I really need it

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