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    Of the bat, I can think of two Verizon devices with WIFI, the PPC 6700 and the Samsung i730. And I expect Verizon is probably the most WIFI-unfriendly of the lot.

    but the wifi was also disabled so it couldn't be used concurrently with the CDMA radio (easy fix but still).
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    What I was also thinking is the bargaining power of the wireless company vs. Palm. Palm isn't a big company, and as PDAs are losing favor, it is putting more and more emphasis on its treo product line. Palm maybe more pressured to follow along with what the carrier wants - this is just a case of superior bargaining power of the buyer (carrier). HTC makes devices that are used all over the world, and makes PDAs for most of the big companies. HTC also makes the Treo for Palm! So there are more revenue streams for HTC than Palm has.
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