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    If I used Sprint and roamed into a Verizon area, will data access work? From my understanding, only voice will work but I hope I'm wrong.
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    I do not think you can access data while roaming with Sprint.
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    The answer depends. If you are attached to a tower for which Sprint has a data roaming agreement then...yes you can. If not, then no, you can't. Clear as mud?

    Best thing is to try it...if you get denied you'll know you aren't utilizing a data roaming agreement you can force some phones to lock onto another try that. It has saved me a few times.

    This is just a for instance...there is a new Alltel/Sprint data roaming agreement as of July 1 (someone correct me if I'm wrong) and sometime by year end or beginning of next year we should be seeing the ability to data roam on the Alltel network. This is cool because Alltel has way more coverage in rural areas than Sprint (depicted back in the Faith Hill advertising days with her chatting on her phone on her tour bus in the middle of nowhere).
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