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    Hey, I was just wondering, how can I get rid of the text that the 700WX learned. As in, I type "asdf" and send it as a text message and so the next time I type in "a" the "asdf" comes up in the list.

    How can I get rid of that? I misspelled a lot of words, and stupid words are coming up!

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    You can delete the dat file in the windows folder named dyncompdict.dat

    After a soft reset it will recreate a new file without the learned words.

    What we need is a reg edit to prevent the adoption of new words.
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    This worked fine on my 6700 but I just noticed on the wx I still had a misspelled word in my list.

    EDIT:It workd fine on the wx,,,,,,you just can't do everything really fast.

    PS you can go here for more info
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    Just use this (Edit: just saw this similar programs have been posted already)

    Word Completion Dictionary Editor v1.2

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