I downloaded and added a ringtone to my phone. I have it set to activate when I receive a text message. Unfortunately, often when I receive 1 text message, it sounds the ringtone twice. It sounds like an echo when the ringtone plays, if that makes sense.

I've tried deleting the ringtone and reinstalling it. I tested the sound file and it plays normal when I play it in WMP. I've tried a soft reset and even a hard reset and the problem still exists. I also noticed a few things were lagging on my phone. Could I be using too much resources on the phone?

I am running Sbp Pocket Plus and PhoneAlarm. I have both programs installed onto the phone. I had the ApacheHax installed but recently uninstalled it thinking that this may be the problem. Well, the problem still exists. Any ideas of what may be causing this lag and how to reverse this problem? Anyone else experiencing similar issues running programs?