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    Do you need to have the separate GPS receiver to make a Treo 700wx have GPS? I see that you can get the Tom Tom Navigator software separately, will that still work as a GPS solution for when I'm driving?

    At first I thought you had to get the whole package, but I looked and it looks like for certain PDA phones you can just get the program.

    Is the Treo 700wx one of them? Will it work at all without a separate receiver?


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    If you want just the maps, you don't need a GPS receiver. But if you want guidance and directions, you'll need a GPS receiver.
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    My friend has a Sanyo 5600, and just by using the GPS off of his phone he is able to use Telenav and his phone for his GPS navigation. I know a lot of other people that are able to use their phones just like that. Its not possible to do the same thing with the Treo 700wx?

    I would think it would use the GPS from the phone the same way.

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    Well sure it's possible. It's just a matter of Sprint making it available for the Treo. The new Mapquest Navigator product that Sprint has just made available to some of their phones works with the phones location based GPS. It is a java app and should work on Windows Mobile devices, but until Sprint makes it available for download we can't use it.

    EDIT: I just checked out Telenav (a competing product to mapquest navigator) and it supports the Treo 700wx, but says you need an external GPS receiver to use it. Ugh. What's the point. If you have an external GPS receiver I'm sure you can find much better software than telenav and not pay the $9.99 monthly fee.

    EDIT2: Bad news. It seems Palm has cut some corners with its GPS implementation.

    "The Treo 700wx's internal GPS receiver is not able to get readings frequently and fast enough to use for navigation, so it does require an external receiver to use TeleNav."
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    hmm, I had sent an email to telenav support asking why they don't use the Treo's GPS. I got a different answer than what was posted in the forum.

    "Unfortunately, Palm's system software does not allow 3rd party applications to access the phone's embedded GPS receiver. This is why an external unit is needed in some phones that claim to have an internal GPS.

    The TeleNav Team"

    I guess an email to Palm support is in order now...

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