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    THANK YOU! This really does work great on my 700w! What a power saver during the day!

    You guys ROCK!
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    Every time I think of I need I google, and results leads me to Treocentral, and gives me a perfect solution. I love you guys!!
    Palm Treo 700W with Verizon PDATP Plan.

    Palm Treo 700WX w/ SERO plan

    Love both
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    Burger King should release this version soon
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    Whos Burger King?
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    FYI, the registry entry on the 750 is set to 4 by default so no need to change it for 750 owners...

    for HKLM\Control\Power\State\ScreenOff
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    Yeah, I saw someone complaining in the 750 forum that their keyboards lights won't stay on like they did on their 700. lol
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    hmm I sent PM.Let me know what you think
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingbox View Post
    hmm I sent PM.Let me know what you think
    Code it up!
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    Big time thanks hannip
    and I will whip out the handbook.
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