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    On my Verizon Treo 700w...

    I am looking to see if anyone else is having this issue. When I get a notification (voicemail, e-mail, missed call, etc), I click on the left key to open up the sub-menu, and then I click the center of the 5-way pad to see that notification. This is how I looked at the detail of the notifications before I erased all data and re-installed all software and data yesterday.

    NOW, when I do the same thing, the volume pop-up bubble comes up and the phone & ringer volume is turned all the way down.

    Is anyone else having similar problems? Do you know how to stop this from happening?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    I had this problem when running Phone Alarm. I deleted it and it went away...
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    I have the same issue with Phone Alarm.
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    Me too... had to stop using it...

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    in phoneAlarm settings turn off 'one click mute' and it'll go away
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    Phone Alarm has a million issues on the WX I had to stop using it...but I still love it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by allen2oo3 View Post
    in phoneAlarm settings turn off 'one click mute' and it'll go away
    I'll give that a shot, thanks.

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