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    I've searched and searched and can't find a step by step on how to install downloaded programs.

    For example: downloaded today agenda to my desktop, unziped it and in the winzip window it shows me all the files that are in it. OK, now what??

    same thing goes for today themes. Unzip it, see the winzip window with the files. Now what?

    Thanks. I'm sure it's VERY basic but not good with this stuff.
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    After working for an hour and a half I figured it out.
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    how did you figure this out. I just downloaded verichat, unzipped it on my pc and cant figure out what to do with all those files and how to get it on my treo.
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    You should have been able to find this when searching. Here are the basics.

    If you download an .exe file, you install it thru ActiveSync. Connect your Treo to your PC and ActiveSync should start up. Double click the file and the application will load. You will see on your PC where it says to check your device to see if you need to do anything (you will). Follow the screens.

    If you download a .cab file, you install it right from the device. Transfer it to the device however you want. You can transfer it thru ActiveSync, download it from your device, or send yourself an e-mail with the .cab file attached. Then find it on your device and run it. Follow the screens and the application will install.

    Hope that helps.

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    Be warned:

    Sometimes ZIP files have thesame icon as CAB files on your computer (especially if you use winrar). So pay attention to what you download. If it is a ZIP file then unzip it to a folder; when you open that folder there will be an EXE or CAB file extracted. usually there is also a "readme" notepad-type file also extracted with it, just read that for specific directions if applicable.
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    Ok, I am really sorry and know this is probably very easy. I went and downloaded the .CAB file from verichat. My winzip comes up to unzip it. I do that and then I get a screen called winzip evaluation. On that I see know cab files or exe files. I have 105 different files and then don't know what to do?
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    Put the cab file on your phone and then run it on your phpne to install the program.

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    I am having a similar problem. How do you ge the cab file to the phone? When I try to drag and drop, nothing happens. Thanks
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    Here is what I did. I plugged in my hotsync cable and then went to the zip program (verichat) on my pc and clicked copy. Then on my pc, found the treo folder and my sd file that is on my treo and copied it there. I unplugged the hotsyc cable and then went into my sd card on my treo, found the zip verichat and clicked on it. It loaded up the program and even asked where to store it.
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    thanks carson but I still am having trouble. I did what you suggested, but when I try to copy the keyboard lights cab, it will not copy to move. Ideas?
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    Move the cab to your desktop. Then open up explore in activesync and double click the windows mobile device icon. Then you should get a bunch of folders, drag the cab from the desktop to one of those folders. I always put new apps in "program folder". Then disconnect your device and use file explore to open the cab. Hope this helps.
    Jimmie Geddes
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    THANKS! It worked! This is so different from the palm apps.

    Do you have any ideas for my question about music not being recognized in WMP? (see another thread by me.) Thanks
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    I'm new to Windows Mobile too, it's definitely different from Palm,lol. Post a link to your music problem here, since it kinda falls into the "newbie" area. Thats the great thing about this place, people like to help fellow users out.
    Jimmie Geddes
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