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    I use to connect to Sprint's network when they didn't have EVDO coverage. I used radio shacks cables they were selling and the software to use the phone as modem close to dial up speeds years back. I remember when i was browsing the internet the images would download on the website very distorted looking. There wasn't really much quality.

    I just tried PDAnet with 1bar of EVDO and the speeds are blazingly fast. I was impressed and no images were distorted. They are pretty clean looking.

    I haven't yet tried it on the 1xrtt (dial up speeds)

    What happened am I missing something can someone please explain this?

    Sometimes I'm on the road updating images on my website and I was wondering is if I FTP images to my server will the file be intact at EVDO even at 1xrtt speed?

    Anyone knowledgable as to what happened?

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    Also another question for those who have the sync and charge cable for $12.95. If I'm constantly on the net using the 700wx will the battery charge, stay the same, or die slower utilizing the power from the USB on the laptop?

    posting with 1bar of EVDO

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    When transferring a file, the server and client communicate with each other to ensure packets are received. Your images should be fine as long as the server states it received them.
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    unless you are on 1x then you will get low res images...if supported.


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