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    ... can most kindly be described as lame. It can't be the same speaker as was on my 650. All I need is something that will do a reasonable job of playing an MP3 ringtone. The users manual doesn't address any type of adjustment - does anyone know of a way to tweak it so it sounds a little better? The files I'm trying to play sound great on my computer, but really need a little bass or something once on the phone.
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    I'm not sure there is a way to tweak unless someone has some sort of EQ program. Honestly the speaker phone sounds pretty good on my phone. Considering the size and all that it puts out some pretty good volume. I'm not sure how much bass you are expecting from such a tiny single speaker.
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    You're right, I shouldn't and don't expect too much. I certainly wouldn't expect to listen to music on it, and I agree voices sound just fine on speaker phone. However, it several seconde before you'd even begin to decipher what song the ringtone was playing if the volume is high enough to be useful (as a ringtone). They sound fine with the volume so low I'd never hear it in my pocket.
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    I totally disagree. I have no issues with my speaker. I think its sounds fine, the ringtones are loud and clear, and I've never had an issue with it. I don't expect MB Quart quality though, so maybe I just don't give it much criticism beause I don't expect a whole lot...
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    To turn up your ringtone volume, check out mptrim. As of this writing it was free, you could trim up an mp3 real good and jack the volume to make it better as a ringtone. free.
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    i have equal speaker performance on my 700wx that i have on my 650...

    maybe you got a bad one.

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