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    I have been evaluating music players on the 700wx. I'm looking for something that is square screen compatible, works without the stylus, plays AACs, and runs smooth. Looking

    So far I've tried:
    WMP - duh!
    PocketPlayer 3.0 - just came out. This seems to be a nice app, but only marginally different than WMP. Seems like it uses the playback formats of WMP so it's just adding some more flexibility and options. No AAC support yet.
    PocketMusic - this one does offer an AAC plugin and seems to have lots of features. They do have a skin that is 240x240, but there seem to be a bunch of problems- if you try to map buttons, you'll see you can't easily scroll down the button choices as the screen itself was not optimized for 240x240. If you tap the very bottom portion of an item it will scroll up one and you can hack your way down there to get to the buttons you need. But it does not seem to support the soft keys at all, and even menu bars don't seem to work with the 5 way. Seems like it's not really 700wx compatible after all.
    TCPMP - Freeware, site is currently down, but I have it installed minus the AAC codec. Of course, this one has the most support and options, but the interface is in no way Treo friendly. It's a multi-platform port app, so it seems like there is little likelihood you'll see it customized for WM5 Treos any time soon.
    GSPlayer- Freeware, limited options and no AAC support. Great for a really lightweight player though.
    MortPlayer - Freeware, this one doesn't seem to have any skins for 240x240 available, but it actually works OK even with it being cut off. No AAC support, but does have a very nice alarm feature beyond anything else above.

    Am I missing anything? Seems like there is no perfect app- of course, there is always the iPod, but it would be nice to at least be able to use this for a few tunes here and there since it's with me anyway!

    Additionally, I was looking at a tool: Mass Storage Synchronizer

    This is meant for other devices (Treo 650/Palm OS), but seems like it could easily work with a Pocket PC. It lets you create a playlist that in iTunes would sync with a folder on your memory card. Then you could just drag songs to it and have them be sent to your device's storage card. Would definitely make the process a little smoother than it is currently IMO.
    Dave Haupert
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    I think this is a wonderful review. I found the same problem with pocketmusic, but am hesitating to change to mortplayer or something else...Any suggestions?
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    I still use PocketMusic even with all of its glitches. It has the best bass boost feature with the least distortion out there. And since I am subscribed to a music site that has DRM protected songs I have limited choices of players. I've tried PocketPlayer 3.0 but the menus were really laggy and the bass boost DSP filter was really bad.

    BTW, there are 240x240 skins for MortPlayer. I've posted them before in this forum. If I find it I'll link it here too.

    EDIT: Here it is.
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    I have tried PocketMusic for the 700wx as well. I use napster to go which of course has DRM protected songs, I had to uninstall PocketMusic due to the fact that after playing one or two DRM songs, the player would freeze up and cause me to have to soft reset. Anyone else experience this problem. I love the app otherwise.
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    Disable the gapless playback if you have it selected. It will hang between songs if you have it enabled.
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    Excellent review.

    Where can I get the 240x240 skin for PocketMusic?
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    Hannip, thanks so much for helping me clear up the issue, disabling the gapless playback did the trick, your a genius! Now pocketmusic works the way it supposed to.

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