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    When I used to call my voicemail, I would have a few icons (play, rewind, save, etc) that I used the Dpad to control.

    There gone. Any idea how to get them back? I just did a hard reset last night, loaded everything, then did a sprite backup.

    I then did another hard reset & called my voicemail, the prompt came back.

    So I restored my sprite backup to get me back to where I want to be & my voicemail prompts are gone again.

    Is there a way to fix this without doing another hard reset?

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    Edit your speed dial for voicemail and go to the Advanced tab. That's where the selection is to "Show voice mail buttons".

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    Thanks! That was perfect & fixed it!
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    Thanks, that was buggin me.

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    And I forgot about it. And the damned icons were gone again and it was REALLY BUGGING me. Then I calmed down and found this again.

    Maybe TreoCentral will get me through my future Alzheimers and/or organic dementia.

    Thanks again.

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