I have Outlook 2003 with POP and a 700w. Everything syncs up nicely. When mail arrives in Outlook, it shows up in a few minutes on the 700w. When I delete an email in Outlook, it deletes on the 700w. Life is good.

When I add a folder in Outlook, it shows up on the 700w along with its email content. However, if I remove a folder or move it to another branch in Outlook, the folder does not get removed on the 700w. It stays there with all of its email content.

On the 700w, I tried to use, Tools => Manage Folders, but it is grayed out. Any idea why it would be grayed out? (If I switch accounts from Outlook E-mail to Text Messages", the Manage Folders is not grayed out.)

In a related question, is there a way to select and delete a large number of messages? I have a folder with 1,000 emails. If I cannot get rid of the folder, I would at least like to blow away most or all of the old messages.