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    Does anyone know of an app that gives you "week view" where you can see the words ?

    On my 650 I use Datbk 5 'cos I love the "week view" where you can see the words not silly little dots and blips.

    Dtbk 5 doesn't work with 700 according to Pimilico.

    Is there similar for the 700W ? Any thoughts ?
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    I've used for the past 6 years (other than the last year when I had a 650 and used Agendus). You can customize PI in just about any type of view you want including colors, icons, etc. I created a view like Agendus had that shows the next 30 days in an Agenda View mode.

    Here's a week view (and several other views) in PI.

    Besides all that, Alex Kac, the developer is top notch and listens to his users!

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