Is anyone else having this problem? When i try to search my inbox or anything for that matter its not working. I will input a search string i know exists in a few emails then the magnifiying glass circles for a split second and returns nothing. If i put in common words like "your" it seems to search and return results. Support said they searched my folders fine. THe strange thing is i tried on 2 pcs both running xp pro sp2 with ie6. My exchange account searchs fine so ofcourse that leads me to believe its a problem on their end. mail2web has many users and if others were having this issue something would have came up while googling the problem but i found nothing so i am very confused . I just transfered all my stuff to mail2web and have submitted a request to cancel my 1and1, if i cant search via OWA then im pretty much beat as im not paying the $11.95 a month for MAPI access via outlook. Any ideas?