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    Has anyone tried to play full mp3 files (3-6 MB) from either their SD card or stored on device, using media player. I've had the 700w for a while, and thought I could use it as an mp3 player; I have a 512mb SD, and stored about 10 songs on it, but couldn't play them. The first time, the 700w somehow corrupted the files, so I deleted them and reloaded them, but then it complained about not having enough memory when trying to play?
    Do I need additional software?

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    I have no issues playing MP3 off the storage card with WMP on the 700wx but WMP does seem to be a resource hog. When the app is running, I can see the program memory go down a lot and since the 700w is limited, that may be the problem. You may want to try an alternate player like TCPMP.

    You may also want to try the 700w memory limit tweak that is stickied on this forum if you don't want to use another player..
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    Ok, went thru all the entertainment software available on treocentral and found pocket player 3.0, vito sound explorer, and vito audio player - any reviews? where can i find TCPMP and how well does it work for 700w?
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    TCPMP is freeware so it's most likely not on treocentral's software store. Try googling it.

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