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    I am unloading the computer that currently houses my Activesync, as well as Splashphoto (full of pictures) and SplashID (Full of data).

    If I install Activesync on a fresh PC, will all the data on my 700wx get moved to the new PC upon first sync? The data in question is basically my calendar, contacts, tasks, Splash photos and Splash IDs.

    Or, will I manually have to move all of that data?

    Next question... Anyone using Activesync on a Tablet PC?

    Thanks much.
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    Im curious about this one too... because when I first got mine, it synced from my computer just fine.... I was syncing a few things from yahoo, and my PC outlook suddendly became crammed with dozens of random email addresses.. (I wanted yahoo to TAKE contacts not give them >_<) anyhow, I had the bright idea of thinking my phone had the contacts and could return them to the computer, so I deleted the computer contacts...

    BIG MISTAKE... Not only did the phone NOT give my computer the contacts, it deleted all of the phones contacts! If I haddent backed up just incase, I would have lost over 100 peoples addresses and phonenumbers! o.o
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    I sync between two computers and Exchange ActiveSync and have no issues.


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