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    Well I just got a 2Gb SD card for my treo, coupling that and converting a few shows from my tivo, I have pocket sized videos to take with me, but Im running into a brick wall....

    Is there someway to temporarily turn off microsofts "Copy and Convert" hand-holding software? It seems it has to **** into any kind of file transfer, and while its helpful for keeping photos down to size, its file transfers keep freezing durring larger 120 meg dumps to the SD card, and its getting very annoying.

    Is there any other way to get around this short of buying a card reader??
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    There's a 3rd party app called "card export II" that turns your treo into a USB card reader. Its $15 tho'. A free alternative is called "WM5 Storage" - google it.
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    I just move things to my SD card via a card reader.
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    wm5 storage is what I use. works GREAT and is FREEEEEEE.
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    Another Wm5torage user here. It actually has more functions than the Softick Card Export II which is not freeware.
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    Thanks for the feedback, Ill give it a go :P
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    YES YOU CAN Turn it off,... EASILY.

    From your PC in Activesync Try TOOLS>Advanced Tools and Turn it off

    Still is slow... Cardreader easier to use to copy over.
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    I would purchase an under $10.00 USB SD Card Reader, put my sd card into it, and plug it into the PC. Makes for very fast transfers!

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