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    Those of you with the 700wx.....can you reply with what bluetooth headset you are using and if you have experienced any "bluetooth dropouts"?

    I have used the Jabra Jx10 and Plantronics 640 and bluetooth gets turned off on my treo700wx randomly throughout the day. I have to manually turn bluetooth back on. I have already had the 700wx replaced and still experiencing the same problems....
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    I haven't bought a headset yet, but I did talk to Plantronics Tech Support, and they told me that none of their bluetooth headsets are compatible or recommended for the treo 700w/wx. They said they were never able to maintain a consistant connection between the treo and headset so they removed the treos from the compatibilty list until Palm fixes the problem.

    I've researched many posts, and most have reported this problem. It is definitely with the treo and not the headset. Has anybody been able to maintain a reliable connection with their bluetooth headset and treo??? If so please list the headset model and which treo you use.

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I have the Treo 700wx and was looking at the Plantronics Discovery 655. But a check of the compatibility list showed all of their headsets were not compatible with the Treo 700.
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    that's weird because on the palm website it shows the discovery 640 as a compatible headset but i personally do have a 640 and it works fine for me. i even forgot to turn my bluetooth off today because i left my headset at home and the bluetooth stayed connected pretty much all day. but it's weird though how everyone is having different experiences with the bluetooth on their 700
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    I use the Scala 500 and it has not dropped out yet. I've even left the BT in the car, gotten out, come back hours later and it automatically connects. This same BT did drop with my 700p though. With that said, I'm returning my WX and going back to the P.
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    i am using the older Jabra BT250 that I used with my Treo 650. It works even BETTER with my 700wx-no kidding. I can actually move 10 to 15 ft. away from the 700wx and maintain excellent quality-could never get more than 3 ft. from the 650 before static set in......
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    I'm sorry, it is only the Treo 700w/wx that is incompatible with the Plantronics headsets. They do show the 650 is good to go.

    Platronics told me that they had problems maintaining a connection with the 700 and kept getting dropouts, that is why they will not list it on their compatibility list.
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    I am using the Jabra BT500. Excellent! No drop outs either! Much louder, clearer than on my piece of crap 700p.
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    Is anyone using the Treo branded headset that was on sale yesterday 'round these parts? My Plantronics is worthless with this phone, so I'm in the market for a new one...

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