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    I just purchased my wife a treo 700wx from Sprint. The primary objective is to let he receive mail remotely from her account.

    I might be an ***** but I cannot get this to work how I think it should work. the default Outlook will synch just fine with outlook on my computer, as long as i am connected via USB cable with ActiveSync.

    In order to check the mail remotely or have the mail sent to the treo I have to setup a new account that I call "comcast" and it works fine from that perspective.

    The problem is, anything I do under that "comcast" profile will not sync with the PC. An example is when I receive an email, it comes to the phone just fine. If I reply to that message it doesn't sync up with the PC once I plug it back into the PC and activesync runs. It only syncs the messages in the PC's inbox to the "outlook" profile that comes with the phone. I cannot send and receive under that either. I must switch accounts to "comcast".

    This is a crazy way of doing it and I must be doing somehting wrong. Can't I simply usa the default outlook profile that syncs with the PC the information to remotely check for mail rather than having to switch accounts to another account that does not sync with my PC?

    I know this is terrbily confising but I don't know how else to articulate it.

    Please help!!
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    cmcmillen - I'm having this exact same issue! I've been searching every forum I can find but I have not yet found a solution. I feel like we must be doing something blatantly wrong, or else lots of people would be writing about this. I'll be sure to update this thread if I find a solution.

    Best of luck,
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    You are not doing anything wrong, this is how it works...

    If you want a live sync'ing e-mail account you need push e-mail which is hosted on an Exchange server. There's some free services, I use

    However, with your Comcast account (POP3) you are basically running 2 clients to check your POP3 account (Outlook and Pocket Outlook). When you sync with your computer is to basically copy whatever e-mails you have on your inbox and to work on them while on the road and then send them when you sync up again. That changed a lot when PDA phones were introduced since they cand send e-mails on the go.

    At least that's what I know, don't really know if there's a way to make Activesync and your Pocket Outlook POP3 account work more 'in sync'.

    Hope this helps...

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