I just purchased the Palm cradle for my Treo 700wx which connects to my PC through USB and charges the Treo.

When I place the Treo in the cradle (the screen is turned off) it automatically turns on after 5 minutes and starts up ActiveSync on my PC. It continues to do this every 5 minutes when it's in the cradle!

I've looked through all of the options and settings in ActiveSync and I can't find any way to disable this and I haven't made any settings in my phone to automatically turn on every 5 minutes.

I don't have this problem with the Treo turning itself on when it's not in the cradle.

The Treo is connected to my home PC (Dell Dimension E510 running XP) and is not connected to a server exchange. The Schedule menu and options are grayed out and are not available to me in AcitiveSync so they should not be functioning.

Any ideas on how to bust the ghost in my Treo would be greatly appreciated.