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    Those of you who have traded in phones before, When you bring your phone back to Sprint / Verizon etc would you do a hard reset on your phone to clear it out before hand?

    I bought my 700P on Aug 28 so I went right down to the wire to pick up the WX. For met I have just been going back and forth with the Threaded Messaging v Slingbox capability b/c I was dissapointed with SprintTV. Also I have had some stability issues with my P so I'm looking forward to playing with a WX.

    EDIT: Also, If I sync my P to my computer now, Will I be able to recover that info and put it onto my WX?
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    I would definitely do a hard reset. I don't think you can zero-out reset a 700p like you could a 650, but I would do that if it was possible.

    If you sync your 700p to outlook, you can sync it to your wx and all your contacts, calendar, and other PIM info will sync to it.
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    You can zero out a 700P. You need to know your MSL code. Dial ##768# -> Menu -> Reset

    It will ask you for your MSL. Put that in and it will do a zero out.
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    Where do I find out my MSL? Is that on the product box?

    I dialed the ##768# but it just highlighted the contacts list.
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    You have to get your MSL from your service provider and you have to dial ##768# on the on screen dial pad, not the hard buttons.
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    You can dial ##768" with your hard buttons in the Today screen and it will still work.

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