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    Im a bit new to the forums here, but I recently just got a Treo 700wx, and all around loving it, despite some lacking features that Ive found apps to fix them(such as sms threading )

    But next up on the list of things to fix are the contact photos.. Just why on earth are they so small?? Whats the point of a photo when you can barely tell what it looks like... I can understand why they are smaller for the handy picutre speed dial, but for the caller ID message, they are still shunken (and poorly squished, if I must say)

    Is there any tweak out there that will raise the resolution on these tiny pics? Full screen (or near it) would be great... but if not just a 25 or 50 pixel extension would allow me to even see the person (from armlength).

    This is just one of those overall design flaws by microsoft that is rather dissapointing.. sure it will let you do video caller IDs, but the video is so small the person is a few pixels tall

    Any Ideas, apps or tips to finding it in some options somewhere would be great.
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    For full screen picture ID, you can PocketX Photo Contacts Pro. Not free though.
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    Othe free option/trick:

    Make your photos TALLER than they are wide. Square pics and long rectangle pics = tiny pictures. Tall pics will make bigger ones.

    Not perfect but it helps a bit.

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