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    shen using site like and my video is very choppy. I use to watch these site on the 6700 with no problems.

    is it the processor? I know the 6700 had a little bigger processor but I didn't think the wx processor was that slow.

    is it windows media player? I used the same player with the 6700.

    I don't watch video enough to buy slingbox, or to use orb. I just like to watch every once in a while.

    for example; chanel 125 had some funny stuff.

    thanks, cody

    ps; fm radio stations work fine.
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    I'm watching the kwqcnews channel at and it is pretty smooth. You can see a stutter every now and then but it's barely noticable. Picture is very clear even at fullscreen.

    Even the 440kbps stream of the worldart channel is smooth for me.
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    I sling with no issues at all. Perhaps the data connections wasn't that great or the tower you were hitting was congested. The only time I have a problem with streaming video is if I'm on 1x coverage instead of EDVO.

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