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    I like the Treo form factor but live in Europe, so a smartphone without WiFi is a non-starter (how can Palm introduce a phone for Europe and not include WiFi? They don't know their market), so my idea on an alternative is becoming narrowed down to:-

    Nokia E61 (Pros: nice and light, good battery, good screen, 3G; Cons: rather wide, can't edit Office documents, no touch screen)

    iPAQ 6915 (Pros: GPS, push email, good screen; Cons: Heavy as the 650 and wide as the E61, no 3G).

    HTC S620 (Pros: very thin, quite light, BT 2.0, push email; Cons: ugly (but do I care?) can't edit office documents, no touch screen (or has it?), no 3G)
    The P51 was another possibility but it looks like BenQ-Siemens have now hit that on the head.

    So, as the smartphone market seems pretty static, very little in the way of real advances (especially from Palm), I'm going to sit on my 650 for another 6 months and see what's happening then.
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    This HTC P3600 appears to be a very interesting phone !!!
    It's got everything the Treo 750v will have plus more.

    Really the only bad thing is no keyboard.
    I wonder how good handwriting recognition is on these ??

    Would it have something like predictive text so it's quicker to type words.
    Wonder if there'll be an external compact keyboard for these ??
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman View Post
    While it looks nice, I will never buy another device without an exposed keyboard.
    I've been on Treo 600/650 for a few years (still am.) I got a refurb Cingular 8125 for $100 after rebate in the mean time to see if I'll like the 8525 or the Treo 750.
    I can say you are right-on. I can't deal with the 8125's slider keyboard. Before this I was all set to go for the 8525, but having this 8125 for a few days showed me how much I prefer the Treo form factor and front facing keyboard.
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    Fujitsu Loox T830?

    Looks bulky thou
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thunder God View Post
    No way!
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