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    Hi Folks,

    I just traded my 700p for a 700wx (mainly to get the sling-player, but I also like the windows functions)

    Anyway ... so far so good, but I can't access some of the explorer websites due to "my version of explorer is outdated"

    Any ideas how to find which version I have on my wx and how to upgrade it if need be.

    Thanks -

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    SOme website require IE6 minimum. There are registry hack out there (e.g. trianglepowers 6700 hacks program) which will force pocket IE (PIE) to identify itself as IE6 to fool the websites into displaying.
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    If that doesn't work, you may want to try alternate browsers like Opera and NetFront.
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    There is a hack at to make PIE look like IE6.
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    That hack also disables picture mail, you'll get a cookie error message if you try to read it. Just change it back and it works again.
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    Also, maybe a more convienent option, doesn't PIE+ do this "on the fly" via a browser setting?

    So you can toggle it on/off for certain sites w/out touching the registry.

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    yea check out pieplus it does change the browser version without messing with the registry. i use it myself and i think it really makes pie that much better.

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