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    Does anyone know how to create custom rom's for the 700wx? I would love to be able to get rid of the get good app and the business connect app. Is it possible to update the AKU version like on HTC devices? I have been browsing and kind of understand how custom rom's work for the HTC devices, but would it work the same for the Treo 700wx?
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    You don't need to create a custom rom. You need to be able to unlock your extended rom and modify its contents so those things are not loaded after a hard reset. I did this on my 6700 and got rid of all th e"junkware". I don't know if an unlocker for the 700w/wx exists yet though...
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    all the real hacking is done on by the overseas gsm guys. like xda developers. the 6700 was known as the htc apache and was gsm. the xda guys make unlockers that allow you to change your rom or load another.

    oct 2 the treo 750v will be released and available to the xda guys. I'm positive it will be just days before someone unlocks the rom and allows all this to happen. the overseas guys do a lot of text messing. this threaded text function is a bigie for them. they will hack up the phone and pull the app so all the other wm5.0 devices can us it. I'm sure. this is where we can get the unlocker. I'm sure that if the voicecommand program is writing on that phone like ours, we'll see bluetooth dialing again as well. I can't wait. those xda guys are smart.

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