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    Can I move unused icons out of the windows\start menu\programs folder?

    I planed to store them in another folder just incase I ever needed them.

    It wouldn't mess anything up right?
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    Yes you should be able to move them without incident. They are just shortcuts.
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    Thanks, I moved them and all seems to be running well.
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    You can do anything you want in that directory: create new links, delete old ones, rename them. Likewise you can create, edit and delete folders as well.

    I use a cascading menu (SmallMenu Plus) and have completely re-organized my Start Menu:

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    What is great about the treo is I don't have to organize programs into folders for easy launch or fast find.

    I wanted to remove the unused icons because it cut down on button presses to launch programs. I simply hit start>P>then type the first letter or 2 letters of the program name or if there are only 2 or 3 programs starting with the same letter I hit that letter the correct number of times, then hit the center of dpad, all in 2 seconds without looking at the screen. Looking at the screen to see what to choose slows me down. For Most of the programs I use regularly I know how many programs start with that letter so I can hit start>P>P>center, and in 1 second Ive launched pdf viewer.

    For favorites in PIE I copied the folder \Windows\Favorites to \Windows\Start Menu so I can launch the bookmark I want with 4 memorized button presses. You know, the treo has to be, hands down, the easiest PDA to use and WM the easiest OS for users to customize. Im in hog heaven

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