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    Is there any history to suggest that since Vodafone is releasing the 750 that Verizon is not far behind?
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    I don't see the connection... The Treo 750 is a GSM phone and Verizon is not a GSM provider.
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    I'm figuring that Cingular would get it before Verizon for the very reason that foodcoma cites -- the old GSM/CDMA thing. That and the fact that we've seen verification of the 750 in Cingular's pipeline.

    But what do I care. I'm on T-Mobile.
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    at&t iPhone3G
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    Quote Originally Posted by KStewart View Post
    Funny, KStewart!
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    im hoping Cingular...looks like the only phone that may pull me away from the HTC slideout design like my 8125 and the upcoming 8525
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