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    Good day all,
    I am a previous pocket pc user ( Axim, Toshiba) but I wanted a Windows platform and phone all in one. I got tired of carrying around both. Well the wx came out and it fit perfect ! I do have a couple of questions for the Pros if someone can help. My Set up is, Pocket informant, Pocket and Contact Breeze, Resco Today screen and utility.

    1. My Treo checks hotmail automatically, I have changed the setting 2x to manual and it still does it automatically, any advice ?
    2. How can I make certain ringtones for certain people? I know how to change the main tone but havent figured out for different people. Maybe even a program that will manage this like no calls after a certain time from a particular person etc.
    3. Anyone know a good blue tooth keyboard for the Treo? I have one for the Axim, a Belkin and was wondering if it would work with this one.
    4. Any suggestions on programs I could check out? I am in charge of training for a huge company, I track several Excell sheets, surf the web constantly and manage 4 email accounts.
    5. I travel often and havent found a good WM program to track flights, a good program to help with booking hotels and numbers and some restaurants in the area.
    6. What is Opera? Is it secure? What is RSS? is that the format I should be reading on my PDA?

    I would prefer a free service for any of the things I am asking for like expedia but they dont have a PDA page. Thanks for the help and sorry to bug but hey, I am a noob !

    Thanks !
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    For your hotels/restaurants question, you can download a Java engine (search the forums here), and then run google maps with all the various local search options from there.

    For flights, I just navigate to the airline's home page in IE. Alternatively is quite useful but not always as up-to-date as getting it first hand from the airlines.

    Directory assistant is a good program also for some of your needs.

    Opera is an alternative web browser with some extra features over pocket IE. No idea if it is secure. Some sites require IE6 to send secure data, and there are several registry hacks that will make pocket IE identify itself as IE6 to the originating website, thereby allowing you secure access to bank accounts/paypal/eBay etc.
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    1.) Try a soft reset

    2.) In Contacts there is a field for ringtone, just scroll down a bit

    3.) No Idea someone else help please

    4.) I like Pocket Informant, SPB Pocketplus, SPB weather and SPB backup. I bought SPB before realizing that sprite back up is free on the palm site. do a google and save yourself some loot.

    5.) Somone else help please

    6.) Opera is a web browser. You can get the big client for your computer or the mobile client for your WM device. RSS is a type of feed that allows you essentialy to get news headlines. You might wikipedia it to get a better explanation.
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    For the first problem, you have to take two steps. Both require you to open Outlook mobile, so do that now...

    STEP 1

    In outlook, go to Menu-Tools-Options-click the hotmail account. Press next until you get to the server information screen- click "options" and make sure its not set to sync. Once you have made sure that one is off...

    STEP 2

    Open Outlook again if necessary and make sure the hotmail account is loaded on the screen. Go to menu-Delivery Preferences. Make sure syncing is turned off there also.

    For some reson both of those screens appear to be exactly the same, but have been found to run independent of one another. This should solve your problem

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