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    Got my SD card working in my wx but now it keeps coming up over and over saying that a new card has been entered and asking if I'd like to search it for video's and music.

    It's not like one right after another, maybe 5 to 10 minutes apart I'd venture to guess.
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    I believe that's WMP running in the background. I got that the first time I put in my new SD card with some video on it. Have you said yes to it yet? If so, that should take care of it. But the next time you do in fact remove it and reinsert, it will likely ask you again.
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    I'll do it again but I know I've already clicked yes at least twice.

    EDIT: Saying yes is not fixing fact, everytime I use the end button to power down teh screen, then press it again to turn it on, I'm getting the message every time.

    EDIT: I said that and now it has stopped doing it everytime I turn the screen off and to see if it pops up again.
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    Still doing it.....enough that I'm about ready to just yank the card until I can figure out why......blah.
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    No one else has had this problem? It got so annoying everytime I wanted to use my phone (and sometimes the message would come up in the middle of my doing something else) that I've just removed the SD card after copying all my crap to internal memory. Not the best solution but at least the phone isn't aggravating the crap out of me now. haha

    I hope someone else has had this problem and has an answer.
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    Do you have WMP running in the background? To check, goto Settings > System tab > Memory and click on the Running Programs tab. If Windows Media is running, then that could be the problem. You will need to Stop the application. You may want to check out some 3rd party app that will make your X button into a real close button because by default, it only minimizes.
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    Heh, yeah, it's running but that is the design of the OS and I use WMP a lot through the day. This generates no problems....until this.

    Even by keeping WMP closed though, I still have to deal with the problem anytime I'm playing MP3's in the background or watching a video full screen...then the message comes to the front here and there and I have to close it out yet again.

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