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    That is very true. Its definitely not whats best but whats best for you. Palm is faster. It is more simple. My wife is getting ready to "upgrade" from a 650 to a
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    OK - I am sure you all were waiting with great anticipation, so here goes:

    I returned the 700wx. It was a mixed feeling, for sure.


    1. Apps: I really miss 2 Apps that are not in WM 5. Note Studio and Filemaker Mobile (at least for seamless syncing since I use a mac)

    2. I can still get my 4smartphone data on the 700p - I never knew that - did this work in the 650? Not "push" but it works great

    I really did like this incarnation of palms version of wm5, but in the end, the 500 bucks back in my pocket was a big factor!!!!

    Now, VoiceMinder (a WEBIS product) is a great program and one that I wish existed in the PalmOS - does it? Some developer should jump on this. It is simple and elegant.

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    I'm in the same boat. I have had windows since january with the 6700. I went to the palm os for only 2 months with the 700p. I liked the threaded text, sprint tv, content manager with sprint, and most of all the free teathering hack. I didn't like hotsync very much maybe cause I didn't know how to use it right, but for me the 700p was nice.

    I love what palm has done with wm5.0 and know threaded sms is coming. sprint tv can be done through mobitv ( but not for the $2.50 for ulitmate that sprint charged me). I like wm but do miss the 700p as well.

    I don't know, maybe I'm just never satisfied.
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    I find myself in the same boat all the time. I am always looking for the next best device. So far, Palm Treo's have given me the best experience. I have had bascially every Treo on every carrier. They obviously got better over time. I was never a fan of WM5 until they ported it to the Treo. Palm has done a great job at adding some of the cool features found on the Palm OS. My issue is that the Palm OS has not changed (some can argue why when it works well). I just find myself liking the WM5 platform more and more as I use it. I will admit, getting used to the WM5 ways was a change as I found the Treo/Palm OS as the perfect compliment. Of course there are features and capabilities that I like about the Palm OS version. I do believe these will get baked into the WM5 over time (threaded texting, etc.).
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