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    what in the world. I can't seem to be able to see crap for settings to allow this to be useable. I have received a few pdf that I can't read. with other mobile pdf viewers I could zoom in to be able to read on my phone. is there a way we can do this on the wx with picsel? if not what do you guys use to read pdf's?

    what does the plam os have for pdf's?

    thanks, cody
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    The center button on the 5 way will switch you from moving around in your pdf to zooming. You can then use the mouse to slide the document around on you screen.

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    it is not as intuitivie but it's actually pretty nice.

    just click on the center button on your 5-way, which will put into zoom mode, then use up/down to zoom in/out. click on the center button again which will put you in the browse mode, which will allow you to move around the document.
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    thanks guys
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    Either that, or download the free adobe reader for pocket PC.

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