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    I have been using a 700p and storing things onto the SD card with no real issues but today I received my 700wx and it will not recognize the card.

    I get the sound alert that I have inserted a card but I can't browse to it and when looking in Settings/Memory/Storage Card it says "Total storage card memory: Not installed".

    It's a PNY 512MB card...not sure what the problem is. For the record, if I reinsert it into the 700p, it is recognized fine by that unit.
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    Could it be the different operating systems? Have you tried formatiing the card in the 700wx?
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    do you have another card to test may be hardware. FWIW, I used my 700p's SD card with no problem with my WX.

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    I'm gonna format the card on my laptop. WM5 does not have any option to format the SD card without using 3rd party apps.

    That did it, I didn't have access to anything to format it at work when I posted this thread...not sure why it would recognize on the POS and on my Laptop but not WM5 until I formatted. *shrugs*
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