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    Has anyone tried the very latest RC1 of Vista? If so, have they added back the Windows Mobile Device Center's ability to sync with Windows Mobile devices and Outlook?
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    Haven't tried RC1 yet, but have just been reading some threads tonight on a hack being available to make sync work again with WMDC and RC1 - google with terms vista, wmdc, sync and you should get some if you're in the mood to risk registry edits on RC1 that are obviously completely unsupported (but straightforward sounding) ...
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    I found out about it on another website. I installed Windows Vista RC2 last week on my laptop and have been playing with it.

    I dowloaded the Windows Mobile Device Center and installed it. I set up a partnership with my 700wx and performed a sync. It is much more polished and refined than ActiveSync. It also seems to sync faster.

    There is also a Sync Center that is included with Vista where you can manage your partnerships and check sync connection.

    Overall, I like it and think it's a step in the right direction. This is still a beta product, so it might even have more functions when it's finished.

    Below are a couple of screenshots of the WMDC and the Sync Center.

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    Cool - anything that relates to Activesync (or its successor) and going in the *right* direction is good to hear ...

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