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    I recently did a hard reset and started reinstalling my programs. 1st one was Sprite backup followed by a successful backup to the SD card. After installing Slingplayer Mobile, Wei's SoftReset, and PIEPlus (all to main memory), I did another backup to my SD card. It reset once, completed the backup, then after the next reset the Treo just kind of stayed "off." No screen, lights, sounds, or any response whatsoever. Not even a stylus soft reset did anything. I had to remove the battery, then it booted back up as normal.

    Now this happens every time I run Sprite backup at the 2nd reset (1st one works fine). But I never had this issue prior to my recent hard reset. Anyone have any ideas what would be causing this? No today plugins, nothing in the startup folder other than Outlook.

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    I had this exact same issue with Sprite. I've been a PocketPC user for the last 6 years (with the exception of the last year with a Treo 650). I've never had success with Sprite. I currently use SPB Backup which allows you to do incremental backups as well. This is, IMHO, a much better backup app.
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    The only reason I'm using Sprite is because it was free But, aside from this new issue, I am pretty pleased with it. Thanks for your suggestion. I'll take a look at SPB Backup.

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