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    I love my wx, but have been experiencing some "phone" problems.
    Just a few minutes I got a call from my wife. If it wasn't for voice command I would have never known. The ringer it set for known callers and also vibrates when ringing.

    The biggie is I couldn't even answer it. I pushed the green button and nothing. I pushed the soft key "answer" and nothing. It seemed kind like it was frozen except with voice command repeating the incoming call. I pulled the battery cover off and reset. When it powered back on I checked to make sure I didn't have the volume down or let on silent. Nothing, it should have ringed and vibrated.

    With in just a few seconds the phones starts ringing and vibrating. My wife is calling back. This time every thing is working fine with nothing in the settings changed.

    Anyone else having similar issues?

    Thanks, Cody
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    the time before i just couldn't answer the call. this was a couple of days ago. it seemed like it was frozen as well.
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    I haven't experienced that exactly but I've had a similar issue recently with my wx where it seemed like the keys were remapped to other things. I couldn't use the OK button to get out of IE, the Start button opened up the Calendar, etc. A soft reset fixed it and I haven't had that happen again yet.

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