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    StyleTap - used to run Palm OS apps on Windows Mobile devices - is going to bring out a full 1.0 version next month and have announced that their discounted 'preview' pricing will also run out in October. So, if you've been meaning to check out StyeTap and running Palm apps on WM, now is a good time to do so - info and trial downloads at:
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    I just discovered StyleTap this afternoon.

    Has anyone used it and has anyone have an opinion as to its ease of use and ability to run programs?
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    I haven't tried it myself but from what I read on these forums there are mixed results.
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    Just released.

    $49.95 !!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ixtab1970 View Post
    Just released.

    $49.95 !!!
    Wrong answer. I was considering a purchase, but half a Benjamin? No thanks.

    Good luck with that pricepoint!
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    Yeah basically this product is for corporations who need an old enterprise Palm app to work on their new exchange equipped WM devices. This price point pretty much proves that.

    For me, I'm happy that it runs Bike or Die and my old SplashId on my 700wx
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    if they can get Vindigo and the wireless updates working then it is probably worth the $s.

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