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    Well, I've had mine set to 2MB since this thread was first posted, but I've noticed that my phone will "freeze" much more often now than it did before. It doesn't actually freeze, but whenever my phone connects to the internet to check mail (every 60 minutes) my phone becomes completely unresponsive until the check is complete, and it seems to take longer than it used to. I've just found it very annoying to have to basically wait 2 minutes (I'm in a 1xRT area) before I can even unlock my phone. Once the mail check is done things go back to normal speed, though sometimes my phone will stop acting like a phone, and I can't answer or anything.

    Anyway, I'm hoping that changing up to 3MB will be teh "best of both worlds" solution of allowing more things open, but not causing my phone to become unresponsive for such a long time.
    I'm relieved I'm not the only one that has this problem. I've been noting this for a long time. When my phone Activesyncs it many times becomes completely useless, and I'm in and EV area. The worst is when the phone is hunting for signal and trying to AS. I really feel it's directly related to the lack of memory.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Folkie View Post
    PIE is probably using more memory since the OS is allowing it to.
    I see similar memory usage, but it is not actually causing a problem with my Treo. Are you experiencing any problems or are you just concerned with how quickly memory seems to get eaten up by PIE?
    Maybe that is what is going on, but what happens is that the extra memory is getting eaten by PIE, and multitasking is no better than before. Given that some people are seing a boost in multitasking ability, I wondered if my situation was different. Also, it seems weird that the memory seems to 'leak' that much and that fast.

    Or maybe it's just that they can do more things when PIE is not one of the things they're trying to do.

    I am having somewhat better performance now that I've started using Oxios Hibernate, but it's not what I expected.
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    Sorry for posting to an old thread - over a month old - after reading this through, are most people set at 2mb or 3mb? Stability? All working well?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdr00ejr View Post
    Sorry for posting to an old thread - over a month old - after reading this through, are most people set at 2mb or 3mb? Stability? All working well?

    I'm using 3mb. No problems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewaywelt View Post
    I'm using 3mb. No problems.
    3 working better for me than 2. PIE would close on me on 2
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    Thanks gentlemen. I feel like I got a brand new Treo having just done the 1.10 upgrade, changed to 3mb, installed the threaded messaging. I'll have to wait and see if it's stable, but I'm in love with this thing again.
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    i read thru the posts and am wondering if someone can teach to allocate storage memory to program memory? i want to take about 30 MB of Storage memory and place it on the program memory. If that can't be done, can someone try to make a SD card be read as Program Memory.

    I know that some have done in this post set the shut down at 3 MB. It works for some and others, no. Why not go beyond that and find ways to allocate memory either from Storage Memory or SD....
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    no that's wm2003. You can't do that in WM2005 (WM5). See your other post.
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    We tried this with a few of our devices and it seems to help quite a bit. We were having issues with a specific application shutting down very frequently. After changing to 3mb, it seems to work very well. The device is a bit slower, but it is worth it compared to the shut downs. Thanks again!
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    [B]I used to own a Treo 600 on the Sprint network...[B] Now I have the Treo 750w, on the AT&T network. I would like to know if there's still away I can update the software from version 5 to Windows Mobile 6 or 6.1... Can anyone help me?? I'm trying to get away from a Blackberry Curve w/ No Sound, and go back to Window Mobile for GOOD! Plus I'd like to kit the Treo out w/ my 4gb memory card. Please help. someone... PLEASE?!
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