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    I recently started getting this error - it does not seem to cause a reset or slowdown, but pops up as an error report.

    any ideas?


    EDIT - can't seem to change the title, I meant gwes.exe
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    I haven't been able to find a solution for you, but this thread says what it is:

    Look it up in Google and see what you can come up with. From what I read if it crashes every now and then there's no issue since it would be like a regular Windows file crashing. However, if you get it often or when doing something specific you'd need to investigate more.

    I also read something about having this issue when yob have cleartype enabled.
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    I had this error on my 700wx about an hour after I powered it on for the first time. No clue what it was. Happened about twice in one week. Strange thing is that it seems specific to this device, not WM5 (never seen it anywhere else).

    I suspect it is a widespread bug, and will be addressed in the next update. Not a major bug, but annoying nonetheless.
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    Well what ever you do don't don't go to your windows folder to tap it. It will give you the white screen of death along with some screen off behavior. And you can't copy it and rename it to file extension txt to open it with word pad to get clues either. And there's not much in the registry about it other than something relating to powering the device off which seems to relate to the behavior of the device if you launch it.

    I think it relates to stopping the system and shutting the screen off. It has a stop type icon.
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    I bought a Treo 750 on Sunday (4 days ago) and have had this error twice (once on Tuesday, and again yesterday. The first time I had the error I sent the error to Microsoft, as the screen prompted me to do. At that time I did not notice any strange behavior from the Treo.
    Yesterday I got the error again, and did not think much about it until later in the day when I realized that my appointment alarms an touch screen tap sound were gone. Also I could not get the voice command to work. I was able to make a phone call and hear sound, so I was relieved that the speaker was not shot.
    After 2 hours of trying everything I could think of in settings I finally pulled the battery (soft reset) and the problem was gone-everything seems to be working fine now.
    This is a strange problem-I hope that this device holds no more squirrely issues. Being a long time Treo Palm OS user I am new to the WM system and now I'm on the lookout for more issues.....
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    I have been getting the same thing as well. about 2 or 3 times a week
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    hmm, I wonder if you all have a common app that is causing that error. I don't think I've seen that error for several months.
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    In my case, the gwes.exe crash ONLY happens if I go to
    PIExplorer loads about 37kb of the page, freezes and then I get the gwes.exe notice. This is the ONLY time it happens to me.
    I've always browsed that site fine, but it just started happening the past days.
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    I think this might have to do with Wireless Sync. Did you remove wireless sync from your device?

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