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    If POS isn't dying why would palm spent so much money on advertising WM5 instead of POS? Yes a couple of years back POS was the OS that dominated WM5 but after Cobalt 6.0 was supposed to carry palm into domination is now just vaporware with nothing to show but just false expectations. The Treo form factor is the biggest selling point not the POS since sales of other POS devices are none but existent.

    WM5 might not have the the simplicity that POS have but its alot better then what WM2003se was and now they are already working on the next version. Whats all this about linux taking over POS?? Dont get me wrong linux is heck of an OS but it has no experience when it comes to phones. I dont understand how people can still think that POS will come on top when WM5 is so much more advanced and will get better in there next release. I currently have a HTC tytn and although I still like the treo form factor I wish that MSOFT wouldn't have gone with the lower resolution but atleast we know for sure that the next version of WM5 will support higher resolution screens and not just guess and wonder or even hope that POS does finally come up with something new.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Phone Diva View Post
    You don't know why I say the Palm OS is Palm's signature OS? Well I can't explain any more than I have because it should be obvious why I think that, looking at their history and line of products.
    wow, i really need a new phone, look at how many letters are missing.

    Anyways, I know why you say it. I just think that now, it no longer really is the signature OS. Palm has moved on to MS WM. PalmOS is on its deathbed.
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    i agree.
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