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    Hello everyone and thank you for reading my post. I have just purchased my first Treo phone today YAY! I got the 700wx with Sprint. I downloaded Agile Messanger because it was the most widly commented on piece of IM software I read about and most responses were quite good. I downloade and successfully installed the Agile Messanger for Microsoft Smartphone per some advice from a chat and everything installed fine after a couple slip ups. Now I have tried to log onto AIM I get the message "All connections failed, switch ot contactlist? with a yes/no option. picking either one doesn't seem to help me and I'm not sure were to proceed at this point. Does anyone have any insight? Thank you very much.

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    It's probably becuase you installed the Smartphone version. The 700wx is a pocket pc not smartphone. Uninstall the version you installed and install the pocket pc version.
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    Ham, just wanted to say thanks! Everything is working great now.
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    No problem..nice to see you got it working!

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