I have an auxilary output line hooked up to my headunit in my car, basically and ipod hook up. i can play music from my treo just fine when hooked up normally but if i am playing mp3's and charging the treo at the same time there is a high pitched sound that i hear in the background the whole time. I tested this using my house charger that came with the phone and computer speakers and there was no problem. i thought it was a faulty charger so i brought it back to sprint and the guy told me that I shouldnt be using my phone while it is charging because it could fry the phone....

2 questions:

Should i not use the phone at all while charging??

Is it because of the sprint charger that the phone was making that noise and could a palm charger possibly fix this problem??

oh ya. also my screen seems to attract dust, how do i clean it and why does it do this?? Seems to be worse since i put the screen protector on.